Mia Asano releases cover of Go Go Power Rangers dedicated to Jason David Frank

by Mia Herlinger on Jan 03, 2023

Cover art for Mia Asano's viral electric violin cover of the mighty morphin power rangers theme song dedicated to Jason David Frank
After several viral covers of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song Go Go Power Rangers, Mia Asano had plans to release a full length cover of the Ron Wasserman tune. Shortly before the release the tragic news regarding the loss of beloved actor Jason David Frank broke out, drastically affecting the Power Rangers community. Asano has spoken about suicide prevention before, and being extremely passionate about the cause and about the Power Rangers community, she announced she will be donating the first month of streaming revenue to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in honor of JDF, dedicating the release to him as well. The cover is out now on all streaming platforms and Asano is still actively promoting suicide prevention charities and resources for anyone who may be struggling.