About Mia Asano

Mia Asano is an LA based electric violinist who combines her classical training with her passion for alternative music. With over 5 million followers across social media platforms, Mia gained global success as a viral social media musician during her time at the Berklee College of Music where she double majored in Violin Performance and Professional Music. She used this momentum to begin releasing her own original music and covers, building up to playing 5 tours in one year, the first of which sold out immediately.

Her viral videos, the largest achieving over 40 million views, catapulted her into the online spotlight, leading to real life collaborations with renowned artists like Ministry, Dragonforce, and Lindsey Stirling, and culminated in a European Arena tour with 2 Steps From Hell which began at the prestigious Wacken festival in Germany performing for 65,000 people.

Awards and collaborations

Recipient of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's best Violin performance award in 2020, Mia's passion for music shows through in the diverse genres she plays, from rock and metal to electronic and Celtic music she believes wholeheartedly in breaking the traditional boundaries often put on the violin.

Mia understands the power of collaboration which fulfills her not only musically, but personally as well. She has released music with many of her friends including Tina Guo, Grace Kelly, Kiki Wong, Taylor Davis, Cullen Vance, Vinny Marchi MALINDA and more. She has also been a featured violinist on albums for Dragonforce lead singer Marc Hudson, and former Two Steps From Hell composer Nick Phoenix.

As a featured violinist on the Two Steps From Hell 2023 European Arena Tour, Mia Asano continues to captivate audiences with her dynamic performances. Thomas Bergersen, acclaimed composer and former member of Two Steps From Hell, expressed admiration for Mia on his Instagram: "[Mia] has achieved so much in her life at such a young age. She was born for the stage and showers everyone with beautiful violin playing and her contagious smile. She brings out something special in all of us."

Current Projects

Currently, Mia balances multiple musical projects, releasing original music on YouTube and Spotify, and engaging fans with daily content on social media platforms.

Mia's journey is defined by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of violin music while spreading joy and positivity. She works closely with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and is an advocate for Mental Health awareness as well as diversity and acceptance in music.

As the year progresses, she is preparing for solo shows in Los Angeles and the greater SoCal area while working full time on her solo project.

Social Media Stats

Social media

Mia's social media numbers have grown rapidly since she began posting in December 2020. She now has over 5 million followers across platforms, with hundreds of millions of collective video views on each site.

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@miaasanomusic I’m back! Happy Monday y’all 🌞• thought this trend needed some electric violin #nickelback #shekeepsmeup #electricviolin #trend ♬ She Keeps Me Up - Nickelback

Original music

The power of collaboration!

Here are some of Mia's top collaborations over the last year!
@miaasanomusic We’re baaaaack! Master of Puppets by @metallica because we all love Stranger things! With @Tina Guo @Kiki: Daily Metal Guitar Riffs @Grace Kelly #metallica #masterofpuppets #strangerthings #eddiemunson Video: @Pasha Riger ♬ original sound - Mia Asano • Violin

Mia Asano, Tina Guo, Kiki Wong and Grace Kelly

This epic collab came together in September of 2022 with the four musicians forming to create the supergroup dubbeed Ramenstein (a humorous take on German industrial metal group Rammstein) The girls covered Rammstein's Deutschland, Metallica's Master of Puppets (gaining recognition from Metallica themselves) and have a Blackpink music video coming out later in 2023!

@miaasanomusic Reply to @rainbowstooz Here you go! Thank you so much @dragonforce #throughthefireandflames #dragonforce #hermanli #violin ♬ original sound - Mia Asano • Violin


After her viral cover of Through the Fire and Flames caught the eye of DragonForce guitarist and frontman Herman Li, Mia was invited to perform with the band at their Massachusetts show at the Worcester Palladium in April 2022. Initially partaking in their "Farming Simulator" segment, Asano was unexpectedly asked to accompany the band during their encore number of the legendary song Through the Fire and Flames

Two Steps From Hell

Music video collaborations

Live performances