Mia Asano Logo Sticker

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Introducing the classic Mia Asano logo sticker, now available in Mia's merch store. This sticker is a perfect addition to any electric violin case, laptop, water bottle, or any other surface where you want to show your love for Mia's music.

The sticker features the iconic Mia Asano logo in a classic multicolor design, which is instantly recognizable to fans of Mia's music. The design is simple yet elegant, and will surely make a statement wherever you choose to display it.

This sticker is a perfect gift for Mia Asano fans and anyone who loves electric violin music. It's a great way to show your support for Mia's music and to share your love of music with the world.

Order your classic Mia Asano logo sticker today and start displaying your love for Mia's music wherever you go!